OTN Virtual Technology Summit - 26th November / 2014-11-19

Wednesday, November 26th  -> 9.00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. GMT


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This online event, brought to you by the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), offers four technical tracks, each with a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, and tips:

The Database Track
Database administrators and database developers can learn how to:

  • Develop database services more efficiently
  • Facilitate the development of data-driven applications

Products covered will include Oracle Database, Oracle Multitenant, Oracle Database In-Memory, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle NoSQL Database, MySQL, and database development tools.


The Java Track 
Java continues to offer more functionality. How can you keep up? Java developers can experience code-laden training on how to:

  • Implement solutions using the latest Java EE features
  • Use lambdas and the new streams library API
  • Tune your Java applications for high performance


The Middleware Track
This track is all about Mobility and has two focus areas—mobile application development and mobile architecture. Participants will learn how to:

  • Use essential tools, technologies and architectures for developing a successful mobile solution.
  • Use lambdas and the new streams library API
  • Tune your Java applications for high performance

Products covered will include the Oracle Mobile Application Framework, Oracle Mobile Suite, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle Service Bus.


The Systems Track 
Provisioning has always been a deployment challenge. How do you accomplish that rapidly and reliably without losing the flexibility to accommodate changing needs in your datacenter? This track will feature hands-on labs to help you become familiar with two provisioning models that fit those requirements:

  • Oracle VM Templates
  • OpenStack cloud management platform


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