The Bulgarian ORACLE User Group(BGOUG) has the pleasure of presenting you the conditions for membership in the association.

The membership in BGOUG is voluntary and by name. BGOUG is a civil association and this imposes the members to be only physical persons. Companies and oraganizations are members of BGOUG through their representatives - physical persons members of the association.

To be a member of the BGOUG you need to:

  • get acquainted and agree with the goals and work of the association;
  • get acquainted and agree with the contract of the association;
  • to create your own account into BGOUG Profile site
  • to pay an annual membership fee to the amount of 60 BGN leva without VAT (72 leva with VAT); 

The membership in BGOUG gives you the privilege to attend activities organized by BGOUG with with a discount from the participation fee. The membership is for a fixed time of one calendar year and can be renewed by paying the membership fee for the next calendar year to the amount defined by the Board of Directors. The membership fee should be paid before 30th of April of the current year.

You can be member of the association participating individually or corporatively.

The corporative membership is negotiated with the corporation which defines the number of the workers who will be members of the BGOUG. The corporative membership has the advantage of using privileges for activities organized by the BGOUG which are not by name i.e. it is possible for the workers of the corporation whoever they might be to participate, the only condition here is that their number does not have to exceed the preliminary defined number. The minimum number of the members of the relevant organization is 5 persons.