Conference 2017, June, Pravets / 2017-06-02

The BGOUG Spring Conference will be held from 2nd to 4th of June 2017 in hotel RIU Pravets Resort.



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Speakers and Sessions  


Database and Server Technology (DBA)

  • Julian Dontcheff , Managing Director, Accenture Global Database Lead, Accenture Enkitec Group, 45 most useful new DBA commands in Oracle 12.2
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, Back to the basics: TABLESPACES… but a little bit low level style
  • Piet De Visser , DBA, Consultant, PDVBV sprs/bvba, Function Result Cache - Fixed
  • Giuseppe Maxia , QA Architect, VMware, A quick tour of MySQL 8.0 roles
  • Ivica Arsov , Senior Database Consultant, Pythian, Parallel Execution in Oracle Database 12c
  • Lyudmil Pelov, Architect, ORACLE, Implementing Chatbot Platforms!
  • Timur Akhmadeev, Database Consultant, Pythian, Common Pitfalls in Complex Apps Performance Troubleshooting



Database and Server Technology (Design and Development )

  • Tim Hall , DBA / Developer,, Put your feet up and have a REST. Take a tour of JSON support in the Oracle database.
  • Tim Hall , DBA / Developer,, Multitenant : What's new in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2)
  • Joel Goodman, Global Technical Lead, Database Certifications, ORACLE, Oracle Database 12c R2 Application Containers
  • Joel Goodman, Global Technical Lead, Database Certifications, ORACLE, Oracle Database Links 
  • Giuseppe Maxia , QA Architect, VMware, MySQL document store: SQL and NoSQL united
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, Go deep into PL/SQL with low level toolkit - DTrace style
  • Heli Helskyaho , CEO, Miracle Finland, Design your databases straight to the Cloud
  • Heli Helskyaho , CEO, Miracle Finland, Reporting functionalities in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
  • Ciprian Onofreiciuc, Software Engineer, Romanian Oracle User Group, Federated custom authentications with APEX Applications
  • Roger Macnicol, Software Architect, ORACLE, When To Use Database In-Memory


Middleware (Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management )

  • Roger Macnicol, Software Architect, ORACLE, Integrating Oracle and Big Data with Big Data SQL 3.1


Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Big Data, Engineered Systems )

  • Piet De Visser , DBA, Consultant, PDVBV sprs/bvba, Dino DBA goes Dev-Ops
  • Gokhan Atil , Data Management Manager,, Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: Advanced Monitoring Features
  • Gokhan Atil , Data Management Manager,, Building Database as a Service (DBaaS) with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c
  • Georgi Kodinov, Senior Software Development Manager, ORACLE, Cloudy with a chance of MySQL


Business and Strategy

  • Elise Valin-Raki , System Manager, Fennia, 12c upgrade and EXADATA experieces
  • Ciprian Onofreiciuc, Software Engineer, Romanian Oracle User Group, Promoting transparency in Romania government with Oracle technology
  • Gustavo Gonzalez , CTO, IT Convergence, Go behind the scenes with a real Oracle E-Business Suite migration to the Oracle Cloud
  • Gustavo Gonzalez , CTO, IT Convergence, Myths, Legends and folktales of Oracle Cloud SaaS


 - Oracle ACE Director,  - Oracle ACE,  - Oracle ACE Associate


Call for papers

For the forthcoming conference we define the following areas of interest, related to Oracle products and technologies:

Database (Server Technology, Database Administration and Tuning)

Design and Development

Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Enterprise Management, Engineered Systems )

Middleware (Business Intelligence, Content Management )

Oracle Applications

Case studies and success stories


If you have a presentation related to any of these topics we would love to hear from you.


Please submit your presentation proposal HERE before April 20th 2017


It is preferable the duration of the presentations to be 60 minutes including the time for Q&A.

A free conference pass will be offered to a speaker only for full time presentations, with educational, technical or practical orientation and with no product positioning. A free conference pass would not be offered for a marketing or vendor presentation. BGOUG offers a free conference pass to one speaker per conference presentation. 

All speakers have to send their presentations in PPT or PDF format after the conference. 

The BGOUG Agenda team will approve the submitted presentations on a monthly basis. At each meeting the sessions with majority votes will be approved, the rest will be reviewed at the next meeting.



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