Photo Contest: Good Old Days / 2010-04-22

BGOUG announces a photo contest and the topic is: Photos from good old times - unforgettable moments from past BGOUG events.

The competition is open to all users of the Oracle products.

Photographs must be from previous BGOUG seminars and events. Themes can be any - presentations, parties, sports, etc.

Photos should be copyrighted and should not have participated in other competitions. One participant may participate with more than one photo.

Add to each picture the following information:

§ author - name, email address or telephone contact;
§ author's organization (optional)
§ the event at which the photo has been taken;
§ free text describing the photo (optional).

Please send your photos in original size to no later than 19th April 2010.

Check the detailed list of photos at:


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