Conference 2019 June, Borovets / 2019-06-07

The BGOUG Spring Conference will take place from 7 to 9 of June 2019 in hotel Rila in Borovets resort.




The event is organized with the kind support of our partners:




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Speakers and topics


DBA and Server Technology 

  • Maria Colgan, Product Manager, ORACLE, Test Drive Automatic Index Creation in Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Maria Colgan, Product Manager, ORACLE, An Insider’s Guide to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Martin Widlake , Consultant, ORA600 Limited, How To Do Performance Tuning
  • Neil Chandler , Independent Consultant, Chandler Systems Ltd, Histograms are Evil like Chocolate is Evil
  • Dani Schnider , Senior Principal Consultant, Trivadis, Avoid "Horror Queries": Keep Your SQL Simple and Fast
  • Dani Schnider , Senior Principal Consultant, Trivadis, Incremental Statistics: From a Nightmare to a Fast Solution
  • Gregg Christman, Product Manager, ORACLE, Top 10 Database Compression Insights – What You Need to Know
  • Gregg Christman, Product Manager, ORACLE, Using Oracle Flashback Data Archive to Track and Store Transactional Changes
  • Dmitry Remizov, Database community local lead, Deutsche Bank, Oracle snapshot clone PDB - low level detail and Deutsche Bank use case
  • Ricardo Gonzalez, Product Manager, ORACLE, Easy Provisioning Patching & Upgrading with Gold Images
  • Vittorio Cioe, Sr. Sales Consultant, ORACLE, MySQL InnoDB Cluster: High availability with no stress!
  • Piet De Visser , PDVBV sprs/bvba, DBA, Consultant, Indexing: Show “the optimizer” an index it can’t refuse
  • Bartosz Zielinski, Oracle DBA, Troubleshooting Oracle performance issues – concurrency wait class
  • Shasank Chavan, Vice President, ORACLE, Oracle Database In-Memory on Exadata: A Potent Combination
  • Shasank Chavan, Vice President, ORACLE, Deep Dive into the Implementation of Oracle's Join Methods: Past, Present and Future
  • Timur Akhmadeev, OAK Table, Database Consultant, Pythian, Defaults Bloody Defaults
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600,


Design and Development 

  • Martin Widlake , Consultant, ORA600 Limited, How to Improve Your Code, Your Database, Your Life - Instrumentation
  • Neil Chandler , Independent Consultant, Chandler Systems Ltd, Using JSON in Oracle
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, Oracle Privilege Analysis
  • Richard Martens , CTO, SMART4solutions, APEX: My user is socially authenticated, now what?
  • Andy Rivenes, Product Manager, ORACLE, Database In-Memory – Columnar Formatted Data for Analytics
  • Andrea Kennel, Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences in Brugg/Windisch, Do you know SQL?
  • Andy Rivenes, Product Manager, ORACLE, Oracle Database In-Memory By Example
  • Georgi Sotirov, Software Development Manager, Codix BG, New SQL features in latest MySQL releases
  • Gancho Dimitrov, Oracle Application DBA, CERN, The one-million table partitions challenge in an ATLAS experiment DB application at CERN
  • Erik Van Roon, Oracle Database Developer/Consultant, EvROCS, Getting acquainted with a model
  • Erik Van Roon, Oracle Database Developer/Consultant, EvROCS, Data migration projects, lessons from the battlefront
  • Mima Mihaylova, Senior Analyst Programmer, IAMGOLD Corporation, Oracle WEB ADI - nice and easy
  • Alex Nuijten , Sr. Consultant, Ordina, APEX: For Your Eyes Only
  • Alex Nuijten , Sr. Consultant, Ordina, Regular Expressions: Say What?
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, 


Cross Stream (Middleware, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management )

  • Yavor Ivanov, Head of Database Administration, Paysafe Bulgaria EOOD, Follow the money - using Oracle property graph to fight fraud and money laundering
  • Roy Swonger, VP Database Upgrade & Utilities, ORACLE, How to Diagnose Oracle Database Upgrade Issues
  • Kiran Tailor , Senior Enterprise Data Architect, The Jewel in the Crown – Your SAAS Data
  • Kiran Tailor , Senior Enterprise Data Architect, Don't build your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure wrong
  • Ron Ekins , Oracle Solution Architect, Pure Storage, Accelerate Development with automation
  • Ricardo Gonzalez, Product Manager, ORACLE, A Cloud Journey - Moving your Database to the Oracle Cloud
  • Piet De Visser , PDVBV sprs/bvba, DBA, Consultant, Serverless, this is what happened
  • Matheus Boesing , Lead Database Consultant, Pythian, Oracle Database Backup Service: Backup of On-Premise Databases to Cloud
  • Matheus Boesing , Lead Database Consultant, Pythian, ODBCS+OGG+Standby in Cloud: Building an Elastic Environment for your Business
  • Daniela Milanova, Solution Engineer, ORACLE, Exadata Cloud at Customer - a cloud service at your data center firewall
  • Daniela Milanova, Solution Engineer, ORACLE, How Secure is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?


Business and Strategy

  • Richard Martens , CTO, SMART4solutions, KANBAN Game for developers (and business analysts)
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, Leadership
  • Olesya Zmazneva, Assosiate Professor, Moscow Polytechnic University, Communication Trends in Global Village: way to utopia or scepticism?
  • Olesya Zmazneva, Assosiate Professor, Moscow Polytechnic University, Creative Thinking  in Digital Cosmopolitans’ world
  • Neno Shirtev, Global Applications Lead - Europe, Sensata Technologies Bulgaria Ltd, How to reap the benefits of standard functionality - case study of implementation of Oracle EBS localization across Europe


 - Oracle ACE Director,  - Oracle ACE,  - Oracle ACE Associate



Call for papers, please submit before 20 April 2019

For the forthcoming conference we are looking for topics in the following areas of interest, related to Oracle products and technologies:


  • Database Administration and Tuning
  • Design and Development
  • Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Enterprise Management, Engineered Systems )
  • Middleware (Business Intelligence, Content Management )
  • Oracle Applications
  • Business track (Case studies , success stories, Soft skills)


If you have experience related to any of these topics we would love to hear from you.

It is preferable the duration of the presentations to be 45 minutes including the time for Q&A.

A free pass for the conference sessions will be offered to a speaker only for full time presentations, with educational, technical or practical orientation and with no product positioning. A free conference pass would not be offered for a marketing or vendor presentation. BGOUG offers a free conference pass to one speaker per conference presentation. All speakers have to send their presentations in PDF, ZIP, RAR format after the conference.

The BGOUG Agenda team will approve the submitted presentations on a monthly basis. At each meeting the sessions with majority votes will be approved, the rest will be reviewed at the next meeting. For more information, please contact the agenda team info at


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