About us

The primary goal of The Bulgarian ORACLE User Group is creation of a medium for exchange of information, knowledge and skills about the products of the ORACLE corporation. By achieving this goal we hope that every specialist's skills, member of the Group, will increase.

Let's unite our efforts for:

  • exchange of experience among ORACLE users;
  • exchange of information concerning the use of products of the ORACLE Corp. as well as the use of products of other companies working with ORACLE.
  • managing the connection between the users and the ORACLE Corp.
  • training specialists working with ORACLE products
  • Increasing users' skills
  • Making them acquainted with the new technologies and developments of the ORACLE corporation


These goals could be achieved by the active joint work of the members of the Group, the ORACLE corporation and all of its partners. This, for its part, will lead to formation of a society of highly qualified specialists working in close contacts with each other and the ORACLE corporation, specialists who are ready to bring in innovative technologies and who are able to resolve the most complicated tasks connected with them.  
Goals of this type could be achieved by purposefully increase of the qualification of the members of the Group as well as by providing conditions for an active useful dialogue. That is why we plan the activity for achieving our goals to be carried out by: 

  • having conferences, symposiums, seminars;
  • having an annual national conference;
  • having periodical technical meetings of the members of the association;
  • having consulting activities
  • organizing work groups of interests among the members of the association;
  • providing contacts among the members of the association
  • publication of a magazine/bulletin which will express the aims and tasks of the Group;


The Group is registered as a civil association by the principle of the Law of Obligations and Contracts which simplifies the conditions for membership by providing an opportunity for an individual and corporation membership. The difference when a juridical person participates is that the company has to submit a list of names of the workers authorized to represent it in the association. When taking decisions connected with the work of the association the number of the votes of the corporation is equal to the number of its representatives in the association. For more information about the membership read the Membership.