EOUC Logo Contest / 2014-04-16

The EOUC is the EMEA Oracle Usergroups Community, an umbrella organization grouping all the Oracle related user groups in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


The EOUC is starting a competition for  a new logo for the Community.

The competition starts on April 14th and will run till May 11th 2014.

All members of the Oracle user groups in Europe, Middle East and Africa can participate.

The selection of the winning logo will be done before May 31st by the members of the EOUC at the our annual meeting.

The winner will receive a free pass to one of the following user conferences organized by the user groups in Europe, Middle East and Africa:
UK (UKOUG), Israel (iLOUG), Benelux (OBUG), Finland (OUGF), Bulgaria (BGOUG) and Germany (DOAG), other passes may be added in the near future.
The winner can chose which conference he or she wishes to attend. The price does not include the related travel or hotel costs.

The entries have to be sent to janny.ekelson@obug.be before May 11th 2014 at 23.59 CET.

The technical requirements for the logo are:


  • Logo in .EPS and .png format
  • The logo has to be in colour
  • High resolution / high quality
  • Include the 4 letters of EOUC



To find out more about the EOUC visit our page.

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