Customer Advisory Panel Program / 2013-03-01

As part of Oracle's continued efforts to align product direction with customer needs, Oracle will be running a series of targeted online panels in March and April 2013.

Sponsored by Oracle’s Development General Managers, the panels will collect input that assess current experiences and future priorities.

Participants will receive results summaries from the sponsors at the conclusion of each panel.

If you or members of your organization are interested, please click here to participate!

Panelists will be periodically polled to:

  1. Understand product sat levels
  2. Validate areas for improvement
  3. Help set future product direction

Users Groups and their members will receive the following benefits from joining the advisory panels:

  • Direct line into Development to help enhance products and help set product direction in synch with Oracle’s development cycles
  • Thank you note sent directly from the product line General Management summarizing results, providing insight on action plans and sharing information to help increase ROI
  • Access to Customer Connect, a membership-only based community where Jeb Dasteel, CCO, sends regular blog communications
  • Access to additional product information shared by Oracle General Managers on product feedback, action plans and insight
  • Ability to quantify user group satisfaction levels compared to non-members
  • Ability to identify new customers who have expressed an interest in joining a users group

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