OTN EMEA Tour, May 2016 / 2016-05-16

Local Oracle User Groups from the EMEA region are cooperating for the third year in a row to organize a tour of the region. Building on the past success of the MENA tour in 2014 and the EMEA tour 2015 that visited countries in Euroe, the Middle East and Africa OTN is connecting community experts from all over the world to some new locations.


Courtesy of the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), the OTN EMEA Tour brings a star-studded cast, consisting of some of the world’s best Oracle ACEs, ACE Directors and Rock Star Speakers to the region. The tour aims at sharing cutting edge knowledge and independent research in the EMEA region, by accomplished Oracle experts from all over the world. This is an event series for the benefit of the local Oracle communities


May 10th 2016 Dusseldorf, Germany

May 12th 2016 Milan, Italy

May 14th 2016 Baku, Azerbaijan

May 16th 2016 Bucharest, Romania

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