Семинар 2018, Юни, Боровец / 2018-06-08

Пролетният семинар на BGOUG се проведе в периода 8-10 юни 2018 в хотел Рила в Боровец.


Събитието се провежда с любезното съдействие на нашите партньори:



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Лектори и теми 


Key Notes

  • Panteley Davidov, VP Engineered Systems Cloud Solutions, ORACLE, News and Directions on Oracle ́s Information Management Strategy
  • Sten Vesterli, Principal, Everything That's Wrong With IT - And How to Fix It


Database and Server Technology 

  • Georgi Kodinov, Senior Software Development Manager, ORACLE, The new data dictionary in MySQL 8.0: what does it mean to you ?
  • Andrey Hristov, CTO, Accelerate your development with Docker
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, Transparent Database Encryption
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, A Holistic Approach to Database Security
  • Maurice Aelion , Senior DBA & IT Consultant, Maurice Aelion Consultants, Oracle Database 12c R1 & R2 Best New Features
  • Maurice Aelion , Senior DBA & IT Consultant, Maurice Aelion Consultants, Oracle sql Tuning for Developers and DBA's
  • Simeon Stefanov, DBA,Enterprise Services Bulgaria, Artful Oracle database solutions
  • Franky Weber Faust , Oracle Database Consultant, Pythian, Oracle Partitioning for DBAs and Developers. Why, when and how to use it?
  • Ognyan Istatkov, Senior DBA, TechnoLogica, What can you do to salvage data from damaged Oracle database
  • Joze Senegacnik , Owner, DBProf, Practical Examples of Upgrade From Oracle 11.2/12.1 to 12.2
  • Joze Senegacnik , Owner, DBProf, Discussion over beers


Design and Development 

  • Susan Duncan, Product Manager, ORACLE, Database DevOps and Agile Development with Open-Source Utilities
  • Susan Duncan, Product Manager, ORACLE, Accelerated Oracle JET - Visual JavaScript/HTML5 Cloud Development
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, Why do we learn a low level approach? The history of APEX upgrade that went terribly wrong
  • Richard Martens , Founding partner, SMART4solutions, APEX: adding client-side behaviour using knockout
  • Richard Martens , Founding partner, SMART4solutions, APEX 18.1: Using RESTfull services and remote SQL DEV
  • Piet De Visser , DBA&Consultant,PDVBV sprs/bvba, An Oracle person Venturing into PostgreSQL
  • Piet De Visser , DBA&Consultant,PDVBV sprs/bvba, SmartDB: What worked and what did not work
  • Wolfgang Scherrer, Consultant / Manager, infomArt GmbH, SOA Light ! Exchange data between  Web Services and ORACLE database
  • Wolfgang Scherrer, Consultant / Manager, infomArt GmbH, ORACLE Apex Team Development, supported by GIT Version Management, integrated with JIRA
  • Martin Toshev, IT Consultant, BG Java User Group, JDK 10 sneak peek
  • Sten Vesterli, Principal, The Seven Ways of Building Oracle Applications
  • Georgi Sotirov, Software Development Manager, Codix BG, MySQL 8 for Developers


Cross Stream (Middleware, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management )

  • Kiran Tailor , Senior Enterprise Data Architect, Pure DBA​, Technical Deep Dive into Oracle Cloud Analytics DataSync
  • Kiran Tailor , Senior Enterprise Data Architect, Pure DBA, Combining cloud based data with on premises analytics​ 
  • Susan Duncan, Product Manager, ORACLE, Practical Workshop for Visual Builder Cloud Service
  • Daniela Milanova, ORACLE, Why once adopted Autonomous cloud services are preferred by administrators?
  • Daniela Milanova, ORACLE, Get Oracle public cloud behind your firewall with Oracle Cloud at Customer
  • Daniela Milanova, ORACLE, Integrate Identity Cloud Service in Hybrid IDM solutions?
  • Georgi Moykin, Cloud Domain Sales Consultant, ORACLE, Say Hello to your intelligent Bots
  • Georgi Moykin, Cloud Domain Sales Consultant, ORACLE, Protect your multivendor cloud footprint with automated security
  • Michel Schildmeijer , Solutions Architect, Anomaly Detection and Machinelearning with the Oracle Management Cloud
  • Svetoslav Gyurov , Principal Consultant, Accenture Enkitec Group, Introducing Oracle Key Vault 
  • Ciprian Onofreiciuc, Software Engineer, Romanian Oracle User Group, Oracle Container Services – Short receipts
  • Hans Viehmann, Product Manager EMEA, ORACLE, Using Deep Learning and Graph Analysis against Cyberattacks
  • Hans Viehmann, Product Manager EMEA, ORACLE, Making Sense of Location: Tracking, Visualizing & Analyzing Objects in 2D, 3D & 4D


Business and Strategy

  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.” (T. Pratchett) Performance tricks learned from low level developers that can be used in practically any language
  • Luiza Koziel Nowak, Marketing manager, Ora-600, How to improve your presentations
  • Irina Yonova-Anderson, Senior Business Analyst, Electronic Arts, Working Scrum
  • Osama Mustafa , Principle Oracle Consultant, Gurus Solutions, GDPR Case Study
  • Osama Mustafa , Principle Oracle Consultant, Gurus Solutions, A Real Oracle Cloud Project Story
  • Georgi Bekiarov, Regional CRM & Marketing Architect, ORACLE, Implementing and customizing Oracle Cloud Applications + live demo (GDPR)
  • Vilian Iliev, Chief IT Architect, RaiffeisenBank, Todor Kichukov, Success Story: Real-time ODS (Operational Data Store) using Data Vault modeling technique at Raiffeisen Bank, Bulgaria
  • Joze Senegacnik , Owner, DBProf, Baking Workshop



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